4 Simple Ways to Prioritize Your Health

We often put ourselves at the bottom of the list when it comes to prioritizing health. We’ve got four simple ways to make sure you prioritize your health no matter how busy you are

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August is National Wellness Month which means prioritizing your self-care, managing stress and promoting healthy routines so you can be your best self. 

Whether you’re a caregiver to kids, grandkids, a spouse, friend or you just find yourself always falling to the bottom of the list of life’s priorities, as you age finding simple ways to prioritize you and your health is important. We’ve got four simple ways to do just that!

  • 1

    Assess Your Habits and Stop Those That May Be Harmful:

    You may indulge too much in drinking alcohol or maybe you enjoy the occasional (or not so occasional!) cigarette. It could be that you indulge in fast food more than you should…whatever the habit take a solid and honest assessment of what things you’re doing in your life that may be causing you harm and make steps to cut back or possibly eliminate those things.

    Don’t forget it’s not just physical habits it could be an emotional bad habit like putting yourself down, allowing others to take advantage of you or maybe you’re spending more money than you should. Identify those things and take steps to slowly change your thinking and replace the habit with something else. If you feel the need to go shopping maybe call a friend instead or take a walk. 

  • 2

    Schedule Medical Appointments You’ve Been Putting Off:

    Sometimes half the battle is just setting aside a half hour out of your day, picking up the phone and making your annual physical appointment or six-month dental cleaning and checkup. Look to see what appointments you may be overdue for and get them scheduled as early detection can not only be lifesaving it can make a difference if things are caught early. If you’re unsure of what routine tests and preventative screenings should happen at what age, click here to find out. Are you nervous or anxious about routine health screens? You may want to check out this blog that provides seven ways to reduce your anxiety.

  • 3

    Drink Enough Water:

    Sounds so simple, right? The truth is many people don’t realize that they’re dehydrated. Older adults are more prone to dehydration and the thirst signal that alerted you to drink water when you were younger is diminished as you age. Certain medications and medical conditions can also impact hydration. Drinking water, not soda or caffeinated beverages, helps almost every system of the body so be aware of drinking enough and it will help not only your body but your mind and emotional state to be well hydrated!

  • 4

    Prioritize Sleep:

    Again sounds simple but we often put sleep off by staying up late watching TV or scrolling on our phones. Or you may struggle with insomnia or a sleep disorder. Sleep is important and even just pulling back your bedtime by a half hour or hour at a time can give you a jumpstart on the night and positively impact your health and sense of well-being

Want more? Read our blog How Reducing Stress Can Improve Your Health for more tips to live your healthiest and best life!

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