What Household Chores to Outsource Now

Prevent time scarcity! Get more of your time back by outsourcing the following chores whether you’re retired or not.


Retirement means different things to different people but for most it means the gift of time. How you choose to fill that time is up to you, but one thing you may not want to fill your time with is with chores.

There’s a concept called “time scarcity” which basically means you don’t have enough time in the day to accomplish what you want or need and it can impact your sense of well-being. Even though you may have more time in retirement you still may be experiencing time scarcity.

A study published in the August 2017 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences entitled, Buying Time Promotes Happiness, supports the concept that despite rising incomes people are feeling more pressed for time and are therefore less happy. The study states, “Surveys of large, diverse samples from four countries reveal that spending money on time-saving services is linked to greater life satisfaction. To establish causality, we show that working adults report greater happiness after spending money on a time-saving purchase than on a material purchase. This research reveals a previously unexamined route from wealth to well-being: spending money to buy free time.”

Now you can say that science backs up outsourcing your chores! Whether you’re retired or not, and it’s financially possible, consider outsourcing the following four chores:

  • 1

    Lawn/yard maintenance and snow removal

    If you still live in a home with a yard, you know the often backbreaking work involved in maintaining your property. From mowing grass to trimming hedges and branches from trees and raking leaves in the fall then shoveling snow in the winter. Some find this type of work enjoyable and a good form of exercise. However, as you age, it’s important to take a clear look at whether it’s still safe for you to be doing yardwork. Consider a compromise to outsource some tasks and keep the smaller more manageable ones so you still have a part in the work. Otherwise, this is a good chore to outsource to a lawn service company, snow removal service or even hire a local teen to cut grass and rake leaves.

  • 2

    Heavy duty cleaning in the home

    Washing the kitchen floors, cleaning bathrooms even changing bedding can be quite a physical task. As you age, consider outsourcing this to a cleaning company even if it’s only once a month for a good deep clean and you can tidy up and dust in between visits. Keeping a home clean can be a lot of work so having help frees up time and keeps you from overexerting yourself.

  • 3

    Meal prep and cooking

    OK some love to cook and it may even be a passion or hobby but others don’t and it falls squarely in the chore column. Consider purchasing ready-made meals or grocery items that make your meal prep easier like prechopped veggies. It may cost incrementally more, but the time spent prepping food to cook like washing veggies, chopping, etc. may be worth the ability to just pop everything in the pan or oven.

    There are also numerous meal kit delivery services that offer premade, healthy meals to your front door with minimal effort on your part. Thanks to the wide variety, you can find a service that caters to your dietary needs and tastes from gluten free to vegan.

  • 4

    Home maintenance and house projects

    Maybe your jam is doing projects around the home, but for those who find it daunting, this is a great chore to outsource. Whether you own your own single family home, are in a condo or even assisted living where sometimes maintenance chores are handled as part of your homeowners association (HOA) fee, projects inside of your home are often not handled.

    Wherever you live, there’s always something that needs attending to like power washing the deck or siding, lightbulbs on a high fixture that need swapping out, a creaky door that needs greasing, paint that needs refreshing even hanging artwork or pictures…those small but annoying issues that crop up frequently.

    Find a handyman or even a family member who is willing to help or be paid will take these tasks off of your list and get you back to living your best life.

Outsourcing chores will help you avoid time scarcity and give you the intangible gift of more free time to spend the way you want whether that’s with loved ones, pursuing a hobby or interest or just enjoying your well-deserved retirement!

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